Afrobeats Africa

From Music to Marketing: The Evolution of Cellular Vibrations into Afrobeats Africa

Cellular Vibrations has partnered with MaximillianGroup to create Afrobeats Africa, a digital marketing agency focused on bringing Gambian businesses into the digital age by providing digital marketing and social media marketing solutions that meet business goals. While Cellular Vibrations has a rich history of supporting and managing the careers of West African musicians, artists, poets, actors, filmmakers, and writers, Afrobeats Africa is now dedicated to helping businesses in Gambia and beyond achieve their marketing objectives using cutting-edge digital tools and strategies. Through our expertise in music distribution, music publication, video distribution services, demo and music placement, artist management, business management, and event production, we have honed our skills in building and growing brands. With offices in San Diego, California, USA, we are able to provide worldwide copyright management and protection as well as give our clients access to the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles.